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Scott started out playing music in punk and metal bands in the 80's and shifted into providing contemporary music for churches across the DMV area for the last 20 years! That role is more consulting now and  recently Scott decided to get out and play some acoustic "Classic Rock" tunes from the 70's & 80's at local venues! Here's how it went down...

After visiting several bars, wineries and music venues, Scott realized that a big part of the attendees at these events were Baby Boomers and they really engaged when songs from the 70's and 80's were played. He also realized that these songs are now the "Soundtracks for our Lives" as we hear these classic tunes regularly on TV Shows, TV Commercials, and Movies. This and the access that everyone has through music streaming services is introducing these same songs to younger generations!

Scott has been gearing up by playing at local Open Mic nights at Hard Yacht Cafe and Dark Horse Annapolis and has several feature gigs coming up in the next few months! Please check out the Show page and follow socials for updates!

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